A Solution for the Creative Business Owner

FORTH was created as the solution to a problem myself and many other artists continue to run into, the need for a space to work from, create from, and call their own. Hopping around from coffee shop to coffee shop sounds good in theory, but eventually can cause burnout from lugging around materials and the lack of flexibility in hours and space. The desire is for this space to be a place for each person who works here to come and feel like it is their own, because it is. We all need a place to bring in our ideas, a place that drives thought and inspiration so we can push the culmination of it all into the world in whatever medium that entails. FORTH is designed to be a place of high energy and productivity, utilizing the benefits of working around others all unique in their minds and abilities. So, come work with us, bring all of your thoughts and ideas, cultivate it here, and push it FORTH into the world.

Is this for me? (Yes)

FORTH is designed for the creative business owner who find themselves working from a coffee shop, home, or anywhere else other than a space designed to allow freedom in a dedicated workspace. If you are looking for your clients to take you more seriously, it is time for YOU to take yourself more seriously! Trust me, I am talking to myself here. Our goal should not be to just get by, or maintain our businesses. We are looking to grow. And this is one of the first steps you can take to elevate your business!

What is it? (It's cool, just come see it)

It is a space for movers and shakers, or anyone looking to get things done in a space that inspires, surrounded by others who desire the same. There are other workspaces available in Louisville, but unlike those, FORTH is a more intimate and controlled workspace maxing out at about 4-6 businesses. Other workspaces have anywhere from 90-several hundred. As an introverted creative, that is overwhelming. With a more controlled environment, YOU can have more control in how you utilize the space.

Where is it located? (Hip spot, just join already)

The second floor of the Mellwood Art and Entertainment Center, which is just a short drive from so many of Louisville’s other hot spots. Maybe you have attended a wedding there, because oh yeah, it is one of the top wedding and event venues in the city, or you have even just walked around looking at all of the businesses that call it home. You quickly come to find that it is known to be a hub for Louisville’s creative scene.

Distance from FORTH to other hoppin' places:

1) Nulu: 1.7mi

2) Highlands: 2.2mi

3) Waterfront Park: 1.7mi

4) Botanical Gardens: 0.9mi

5) Germantown: 3.4mi

6) New York City: 735mi

Why should you join?

Because when you don’t have your own space, you have to find a space. And then you have to pack up all of your things to bring with you. Once you pack up and you’re there, you go inside and all of the outlets are taken. Then you realize you forgot your headphones, so now you have to hear the screamo music that the guy next to you is listening to. And then you see someone you kinda sorta know who thinks that they really know you and they want to “catch up”. And then “catching up” turns into an hour long conversation, and in that time your computer dies because there weren’t enough outlets. It’s not that you can get out of the conversation anyways. All of this is because you forgot your headphones that you would have been wearing to let people know you are there to get to business done. And why did you forget your headphones? Because you have to lug your things from place to place everyday because you don’t have your own space. Anyways, it’s reasons like those and so many more that are avoidable in FORTH. Yeah, maybe you don’t listen to screamo like I do (I promise to not play screamo), but FORTH should feel like your place too. We want it to be a place where you can leave your headphones, or your computer charger, or whatever else you may need to be the business owner you desire to be.