Pricing / FAQ


8am - 5pm Access

Limited To 4 Individuals

Dedicated Desk


Studio Rental

300 sq. ft. Studio Rental: $75/hr
(No Minimum Time Limit)
1400 sq. ft. Studio Rental: $150/hr or
$900/day (8-Hour Day)

(9 ft. Seamless Paper; Savage #20 Black, Savage #27 Thunder Gray, Savage #01 Super White)

$75/hr (no minimum time limit)


I am not a member, can I come work for the day?

Absolutely! We would love for you to come spend the day with us! A day pass can be purchased for $15/day. If you are coming to work in the space to see if it would be a good fit for you and your business, just let us know and we would love for you to work for a day free of charge!

Are pets allowed in the space?

Unfortunately, at this time, pets are not allowed in the space. This is meant to protect the possessions of the members within the space! However! Mellwood does allow pets so if you want to bring a pet there are plenty of places to tie them up right outside the studio doors!

What are the hours for the studio?

Quarterly members will have 24/7 access to the studio. The studio has a keypad for entry for you to come and go as you please. Monthly members have access to the workspace from 8am - 5pm. Once a month we will host an open co-working day from 10am - 4pm for anyone who wants to come work out of our space!

Who can use the studio space?

Quarterly members can use the studio space for 5 shoots per month. Monthly users can use it for 1 shoot per month. Additional shoots will be charged an hourly rate. This is to keep availability for the studio to be used by many people so that no one person takes up all the time in the studio space!

Are my possession safe overnight?

FORTH has both an automatic lock on the door with keypad for entry as well as security cameras! Your stuff is safe and sound, and should something happen, we will look at the footage and catch the thief!

Open Co-Working?

Yes! The last Friday of each month our workspace will be open for anyone who would like to work here for the day! It will be open from
10am - 4pm. The best place to check to see if this is happening is on our Instagram @forth_studio!

Is it handicap accessible?

Yes. We are located on the second floor of the Mellwood Art Center but there is an elevator right outside our studio doors!

I am a member, can I bring in a guest?

In short, yes. We want members to feel like this space is their own, and that means allowing a guest. It is important to remember that this is a space for work to get done so as long as it doesn't hinder the workspaces ability to get work done then it is welcomed! With that being said, if the guest is regularly working out of the space, then the owner reserves the right to approach them about being a member or kindly asking them to leave. Again, this is to protect the current members in the space! If you have questions about this, feel free to ask!

Can I have client meetings in the space?

Please do! This is one of the greatest ways to show your clients the professionalism of your business and builds credibility in what you charge your clients!

I'm not technically in a creative industry, can I still work here?

Absolutely. If you feel that the space will be a beneficial workspace for you then you are more than welcome. We think it would be cool to have as many different business types inside as possible!

I love coffee, will it be provided?

Unfortunately, at this time, coffee will not be provided by FORTH. BUT! Members are absolutely encouraged to bring in their favorite coffees, their unique coffee making abilities, and have as much of it as they want stored in the kitchen set up in the workspace!

I see you have a record player, can I use it for one of my records.

Again, please do.